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  • CARE International position on the 2016 Global Refugee Summits

    This paper outlines recommendations from CARE International for commitments that must be made at two major summits on the global refugee crisis being held at the United Nations in September 2016.


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  • Gender-Based Violence (Issue brief)

    An overview of CARE's approach to tackling gender based violence - what are the root causes? How can NGOs and governments tackle the multiple causes and consequences?.…


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  • Emergency Shelter Advisor

    Amelia has a background in the built environment and urban shelter and settlements. Originally trained as an architect in London she started working in the emergency shelter sector in 2009. Initially working for the UK…


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  • Refugees: A spiralling politics of fear and the imperative for compassion Refugees: A spiralling politics of fear and the imperative for compassion
    By Team: Authors
    22nd Jun 2016
    Chloe Day, Programme Manager for CARE International’s refugee response in Turkey, explains how a language and environment of fear around the refugee crisis is undermining our humanity. When I read the news about Jo Cox last week, something inside me broke. I don’t know exactly why and I don’t know what it was but I don’t think it was my heart.