Bill Flinn

Bill Flinn

Role: Senior Shelter Advisor

Team: Humanitarian and Emergencies


Bill is an architect and builder. For nine years he worked in Central America and Mexico in appropriate technology and human rights, before returning to the UK to specialise in Shelter After Disaster. In recent years he has worked in Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Vanuatu and Western Sahara, amongst others. He also teaches Shelter After Disaster at the Oxford Brookes University, Centre for Development and Emergency Practice (CENDEP).

Bill supports the CARE Shelter Team and country offices with expert advice based on his wealth of experience and is leading on the development of a project called Promoting Safer Building. This project, led by CARE in collaboration with several other agencies, aims to increase the safety and quality of buildings built by people recovering after disasters.

For more information on the work of the CARE emergency shelter team, download their 2014-15 annual review.

Blog posts

This is written five months after cyclone Pam caused so much devastation in the small Pacific island nation of Vanuatu. There has been time enough to reach a consensus on the most appropriate strategic approach to shelter recovery; but not yet