Antoine Esteban

Antoine Esteban

Role: MENA Programme Coordinator

Team: Humanitarian team


Within the Humanitarian Programme Team, I am in charge of CARE’s humanitarian work in Turkey, Jordan and Yemen, providing support to CARE country offices for the management of on-going humanitarian projects; I also take part in the development of new proposals for the Middle East. I joined CARE in 2016. Before CARE, I worked for other NGOs in the field, first in the DR Congo and then in Jordan on the Syrian Crisis. Previously, I worked for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Organisation of la Francophonie (OIF). I hold an Msc in International Relations, specialising in conflict analysis and peace-building. My current focus is on the humanitarian crises in the Middle East.

One good thing I’ve read

I particularly enjoyed Un monde de camps edited by Michel Augier, analysing the phenomenon of refugee camps and settlements as well as the life of their inhabitants. I would also recommend David Van Reybrouck's Congo: The epic history of a people, recounting the history of this central African country from the arrival of the first Europeans to the modern days.