Gaia Gozzo

Gaia Gozzo

Role: Head of Governance

Team: Inclusive Governance team


Gaia joined CARE International UK in 2006. With 15 years’ experience working in the NGO development sector, she has extensive experience in supporting governance programmatic work. She holds an MA in Governance at the Institute of Development Studies – Sussex University and she has a sound understanding of governance technical concepts and paradigms. She has wide experience in working with civil society organisations and in providing capacity building, especially around citizens’ empowerment and participation, social accountability, advocacy and political economy analysis. She has experience in the design of governance proposals and managing applied research, including a comparative research project led by the Overseas Development Institute looking at the influence of the local context on Community Score Cards in Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Malawi.

Blog posts

SDGs are meant for poor people: let’s get them to say if they work!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015 17:09
When it comes to monitoring impact, the SDGs have got it wrong. National Statistics Offices have a central role, but official data in developing countries is often incomplete, inadequate and unreliable. It cannot tell the full story, especially in