Gilbert Muyumbu

Gilbert Muyumbu

Role: Governance and Accountability Advisor, Africa

Team: Inclusive Governance team


I am currently leading CARE’s Inclusive Governance work in the Eastern, Horn and Southern Africa (ECSA) region, integrating Inclusive Governance into country office programming within the region. This involves supporting the country offices with capacity building in Inclusive Governance programme design and implementation but also evaluation, knowledge management and fundraising. I am also managing work on CARE’s own accountability to impact populations including a pilot initiative on beneficiary feedback mechanisms. Since I joined CARE’s Inclusive Governance team in 2014, I have helped articulate and entrench Inclusive Governance as an approach within CARE’s 2020 Global Strategy.

Prior to joining CARE, I worked with Action Aid first as a program manager and later as an Africa regional program advisor on governance programming. Before that I worked as a high school teacher in rural Kenya. I hold an MA with specialisation in the politics of industrial policy in Kenya.

One good thing I’ve read

Brian Levy’s Working with the grain. He breaks down different country contexts and offers insights into what approaches can work or cannot. Perhaps the most fundamental contribution that Levy’s work brings to development practice is providing the middle ground between the pro-'Good Governance Agenda' of Acemoglu and Robinson’s Why Nations Fail and the pro-'developmental state’ work of Tim Kelsall and David Booth.