Suzy Madigan

Suzy Madigan

Role: Senior Policy Advisor

Team: Programmes and Policy team


Suzy Madigan is CARE International UK’s Senior Policy Advisor on Conflict and Humanitarian. She has recently returned from Somaliland where she was assessing the impact of the drought and the humanitarian response. At CARE, Suzy also works on the Yemen crisis and Syria, and advises on conflict sensitivity, resilient markets, and cash in fragile and conflict-affected contexts.

Prior to joining CARE, Suzy worked in programming for the United Nations and NGOs, most recently in Northern Iraq on the combined Syrian refugee and Islamic State crisis. She has addressed gang violence for the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, the reintegration of armed groups including the FARC and paramilitaries in Colombia, and reconciliation among ethnic groups in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Suzy has also written for The Independent and Huffington Post.


Twitter: @suzy_madigan

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