Gianluca Nardi

Gianluca Nardi

Role: Women in Value Chains Senior Advisor

Team: Women's Economic Empowerment team


I joined CARE International UK in 2005 as part of the Private Sector Engagement team. Now I lead the Women in Value Chains component of the CARE's global women's economic empowerment strategy. My main areas of expertise are market facilitation, women’s empowerment, micro-enterprise development, rural development, private sector engagement and working with extractive industries. I’m currently providing technical support to Women in Value Chains programmes around the world including the Mondelez Cocoa Life programme and the Cargill Nourishing the Future programme in Central America, and to the global partnerships between CARE and SAB Miller, Diageo, and Anglo American.

I have over 15 years experience working in various management and consultancy roles in Brazil, Nicaragua, Angola, Cambodia and Italy, in both the private sector and NGOs. I hold a Master in International Development from the University of Ferrara, an ILO Diploma on Inclusive Market Facilitation, a diploma in Extractive Industries and Sustainable Development from the Catholic University of Lima, and a certificate from the Advanced Social Management Programme from the University of Cambridge and the University of Queensland CSRM.

One good thing I’ve read

Changing your company from the inside out: A guide for social intrapreneurs, by Gerald Davis and Christopher White. An inspiring guide to making big changes and a social impact by transforming large companies from the inside. It is fascinating to see the many similarities between social movements generating big societal changes and inspiring individuals doing the same in their own organizations.


Twitter: @gianlucabrasil

Blog posts

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