Grace Majara

Grace Majara

Role: Senior Advisor – Financial Inclusion

Team: Women's Economic Empowerment team


Prior to joining CARE International UK as Senior Advisor – Financial Inclusion, Grace was leading the Women and Youth Financial Inclusion programme for CARE International in Uganda where she provided strategic direction and leadership for a number of financial inclusion, enterprise development and market access programmes.

She is well known for having championed the Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) methodology and taking it to scale for not only CARE Uganda but across the region. She has over 18 years experience in developing and implementing financial inclusion and innovative solutions that includes VSLA programming, digital technology, financial literacy and linkages, enterprise development and value chain programming.

Through her work, Grace has partnered with banks, microfinance institutions, mobile network operators and others in the private sector to adapt financial services to meet the needs of poor and marginalised people, especially women and youth, and has been involved in creating and co-creating innovative solutions, including digital solutions, to bring financial inclusion to previously unreached communities.

Blog posts

The number of women in the world who still lack access to formal financial services stands at 1 billion. While this figure is going down, the discrimination that women face compared to men, in terms of their access to and control over loans,