EMPHASIS Learning Series: Towards safety, dignity and better health of migrants

This report provides a comprehensive overview of the EMPHASIS (Enhancing Mobile Populations’ Access to HIV/AIDS Services Information and Support) project, a 5-year project implemented in India, Nepal and Bangladesh addressing cross border mobility-related vulnerabilities, using an HIV lens and with a specific gender focus.

At the time of implementation, EMPHASIS was the only project in South Asia working with migrants on HIV across the mobility continuum, from source to transit to destination and back to source. The project found that working on HIV and migration opens up pathways to a range of other vulnerabilities that more broadly relate to migration and development, including safety and dignity, workers’ rights, violence against women, access to financial services, savings and remittances, and stigma and discrimination. Building on this understanding, this Learning Series describes the EMPHASIS programme model for addressing the multiple vulnerabilities cross-border migrants can experience.

  • Countries: Bangladesh, India, Nepal
  • Published: July 2014

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