Shifting Ground: implications Latin America 2000 - 2007 CARE Jessica Wunderlich download

Shifting Ground: implications Latin America 2000 - 2007

International and national dynamics in Latin America are reconfiguring the relationships between the main development actors. These dynamics are shifting the ground for civil society organisations and impacting on their ability to fulfil their role in fighting poverty and inequality and promoting democratisation. CARE commissioned research in Bolivia, Brazil, Nicaragua and Peru in 2007 to explore how the international and national contexts are affecting the ability of civil society to influence public and aid policy (with particular reference to the policies and practices of the World Bank and IDB).

  • Countries: Bolivia, Brazil, Nicaragua
  • Co-authors: Helen Collinson, GNTP, Flavia Lessa de Barros, Peter Clarke, federico Negron and Mariano Valderrama.
  • Published: October 2007

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