Sofia Sprechmann

Sofia Sprechmann

Role: Global Director of Programmes


I joined CARE in 1994 and am passionate about addressing gender inequality, having worked in solidarity alongside some of the most discriminated-against women to support their struggles, such as domestic workers, women working in the garment sector and survivors of gender-based violence. In my current position as CARE’s Programme Director, I am responsible for leading the organisation’s program strategy and its implementation world-wide, with the aim of making a significant contribution to fighting poverty and inequality and attaining the Sustainable Development Goals. Impact measurement and evidence is a critical part of my work, too. I am a sociologist and am from Uruguay.


Twitter: @SofiaSprechmann

Blog posts

Violence against women and girls is one of the worst global epidemics. Studies show that gender-based violence (GBV) accounts for as much death and ill-health in women aged 15-44 years as cancer does. It is a greater cause of ill-health than

Privately, everyone working in development talks about domestic workers' rights. Publicly, no-one does. Why