Ajaz Ahmed Khan

Ajaz Ahmed Khan

Role: Senior Microfinance Advisor


Ajaz Ahmed Khan is Senior Microfinance Advisor with CARE International. He holds a PhD in Development Economics and has two decades of field experience from working in countries as diverse as Honduras, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Pakistan and Sudan. He has helped to create and develop microfinance programmes that provide loans and other financial services to thousands of low-income people. He has written extensively on microfinance, particularly Islamic microfinance, as well as more broadly on faith and development.

Blog posts

By Ajaz Ahmed Khan and Affan Cheema

Faith is central to the lives of many people living in poverty. It is often the lens through which they view the world and a way for them to make sense of life’s experiences. However, this

Together with a colleague, Professor Malcolm Harper, I recently spent 18 months researching and editing a book on Islamic microfinance – which is defined as Shari’ah compliant financial services for poor people. Here are some of the

The main objective of CARE’s microfinance programme Lendwithcare is to improve the lives of poor people. So how do we measure whether we are achieving this or

The right type of microfinance

Tuesday, 28 July 2015 13:43

In recent years there’s been a steady stream of media articles questioning the benefits of microfinance, with some critics even arguing that not only does microfinance not benefit the poor, it actually makes them poorer. How should those of us

Peer-to-peer (P2P) micro-lending platforms, such as lendwithcare, have become a popular method of supporting small businesses in developing countries. Local microfinance institutions