Nelly Otieno

Nelly Otieno


Nelly works with CARE Canada as Chief of Party for the POWER Africa project which is a partnership between CARE Canada and the MasterCard Foundation. The project, on economic empowerment through financial inclusion, targets adolescent girls and women in Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Cote d’Ivoire.

Nelly has over 24 years of experience in micro finance and enterprise development. This includes work in rural and formal Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies in Kenya, the Grameen methodology in micro-finance, Village Banks and Savings Groups (SGs) using the Mata Masu Dubara (Women on the Move) approach. Nelly introduced SGs in Kenya in 2004 and saw them grow from 10 participants to almost 700,000 through CARE Kenya. Her contribution in financial inclusion started from working with communities in savings mobilisation and accessing credit from personal savings, and working with formal financial institutions to develop appropriate products for the unbanked to enable then access financial services from formal financial institutions. She pioneered linkage of informal savings groups to formal financial institutions through mobile technology.

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The Trust Women conference (on 18-19 November) was fundamentally about women’s rights. You can’t talk of rights without talking of financial services because this encompasses so