James Morgan

James Morgan

Role: Shelter and Site Management Specialist


With a background in architecture, I first entered the humanitarian world in Haiti after the earthquake of 2010, working on owner driven shelter approaches and large scale programme management. From there I went on to develop shelter experience across a variety of different settings including, post-conflict, refugee, cyclonic and earthquake disasters, and in emergency, recovery and development phases in Haiti, Uganda, South Sudan, the Philippines, St. Maarten and most recently Bangladesh.

I have always been fascinated by the complex considerations inherent when balancing short term (often urgent) needs with the ambition to engender longer term, deeper rooted impacts, and thus I am keenly interested in owner driven approaches to shelter, such as supporting self-recovery, in order to better collaborate with and involve communities in the post disaster shelter process.

Email: jameswamorgan@gmail.com

Twitter: @jameswamorgan

Blog posts

I’ve just returned from Bangladesh where I’ve been working with CARE’s shelter team to build ‘mid-term shelters’ for refugees who have fled from Myanmar. With the camps now in place for a year, what are the challenges of shifting from