Anan Kittaneh

Anan Kittaneh

Role: Director, Economic Empowerment and Innovation


Anan works with CARE International in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Before this he worked as an Innovation Fellow with CARE USA in the Global Innovation Team for a philanthropic programme and was a Programme Director at CARE West Bank/Gaza.

Anan pioneered the start-up of an award winning social enterprises and social market solutions lab, UptakePreneur. He has led many regional and global applied innovations and knowledge products. Anan is also an advocate and thought leader for leveraging market and social forces for social impact.

Prior to joining CARE, he held many strategy, change management, innovation, and programme management positions in various sectors and organisations in MENA and North America, including The Royal Bank of Canada, General Motors, and TELUS Corporation.

Anan holds an MA in Business Administration (MBA in management of technology and innovation) and two BSc degrees: Computer Science and Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, USA.


Blog posts

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