Caroline Kende-Robb

Caroline Kende-Robb

Role: Secretary General of CARE International


Caroline Kende-Robb is Secretary General of CARE International. Prior to joining CARE International in 2018, Caroline has worked for over 30 years in leadership and management roles across the development, political and business sectors. This included periods as Senior Fellow at the Africa Centre for Economic Transformation, a pan-African economic policy institute that provides research and policy support to develop economies, reduce poverty and improve livelihoods for all Africans. Kende-Robb has also worked as a chief advisor to Rt. Hon. Gordon Brown for The Education Commission, and previously with Kofi Annan as the Executive Director at the African Progress Panel, a multisector policy and research organisation with high-level political access.

Blog posts

Co-authored by Caroline Kende-Robb, CARE International Secretary General, and Howard Mollett, Senior Policy

French President Emmanuel Macron convenes a high-level conference in Paris from 11 to 13 November titled the ‘Peace and Governance Forum’, which he