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CARE International has written about the business case for empowering women producers before, but the financial justification for inclusive business goes much further than that. This week, CARE International published A Different Cup of Tea: The Business Case for Empowering Workers in the Sri Lankan Tea Sector which demonstrates that companies investing in one worker empowerment model, the Community Development Forum (CDF), gained $26 for every $1 invested.


As NGOs gathered in London last week to begin discussing ‘Make Poverty History Mark 2’, an Indian colleague neatly summed up what he felt CARE needs to focus on if we are to make significantly more progress towards poverty eradication.

  1. Address unequal global power structures
  2. Improve governance in developing countries
  3. Secure better market access for poor people

A healthy potential recipe for a post 2015 MDG framework if ever I heard one.

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