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Financial inclusion

Tuesday, 03 January 2017 14:12

CARE at SG2018 Power of Savings Groups conference

The Global Savings Groups Conference convened by the SEEP Network was held in Rwanda from 22-24 May. At the

The report presents a shocking picture of the extent of gender-based violence in the conflict-stricken country of South Sudan, based on a survey of women's experiences of gender-based violence conducted in 2013 and an analysis of the effect of

The CARE International Advocacy Handbook

Thursday, 15 May 2014 00:00

Advocacy is integral to delivering CARE's vision and mission. Available in English, Arabic, French and Spanish, this manual is a toolkit of approaches, techniques and resources to help CARE staff, partners and other NGO colleagues think about how

"She Means Business" is a new tool to help companies operating in India empower women and promote gender equality.

The new toolkit:

  • Reviews the status of women in 10 sectors across India
  • Outlines key national

Profitable public sector enterprises (PSEs) in India play a visible, frontline and powerful role in the government's roll-out measures to encourage responsible businesses practices in the country. They have made concerted efforts in the last few

Coinciding with the March 2014 Commission on the Status of Women taking place in New York, which is focussing on gender in the Millennium Development Goals, this policy brief provides suggestions on how to best enable progress on gender equality

Donor Spending on Gender in Emergencies 2013

Tuesday, 12 November 2013 00:00

An investigation into the UN data on donor aid to emergency appeals for 17 countries in crisis.

In 2013, after years of silence on the issue of gender-based violence, the international community has finally sat up and taken notice of what

This review focuses on the potential for the savings-led microfinance (MF) movement in sub-Saharan Africa to close an important gap in MF so that all poor people can access the financial products and services.

The three sections include

Boran, Gabra and Garri pastoralists in the border areas of northern Kenya and southern Ethiopia have long relied on the management of natural resources to maximise land use and sustain livestock productivity. Managing herd movements plays a key

How do you effectively monitor and evaluate the unintended conflict consequences of a large development programme, e.g. health services, in a fragile state? This new publication by CARE International UK and CDA gives practical guidance on how to

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