CARE International's Strategic Impact Inquiry on Gender in Emergencies (SII on GiE) is a pathbreaking effort to understand the impacts our humanitarian response work is having on the short- and long-term dynamics of gender inequality in the communities we serve. 

CARE is a global leader in the field in GiE. We have developed a range of gender-sensitive situational analysis and program monitoring processes and tools to address the different vulnerabilities people face in emergencies. Yet neither CARE nor any other humanitarian agency can say with confidence what difference these approaches are making for the well-being of diverse affected groups, or for longer-term pathways of gendered social change.

The SII operationalizes CARE’s commitment to the rights of those it serves through a rigorous and transparent assessment of its own efforts; mechanisms for converting knowledge into new practices; and a methodology that can be shared by other to increase accountability for the gendered impacts of emergency work. 

The SII is a high-leverage investment; its findings and methodological guidance can help CARE develop the knowledge and motivation to improve its own emergency work, and shape the wider humanitarian sector with new insights, influence, and interventions.