Step Haiselden

Step Haiselden

Role: Global Emergency Shelter Team Leader

Team: Humanitarian team


I joined CARE International UK in 2017 to lead the Emergency Shelter Team, which provides technical support to CARE country offices worldwide to ensure the quality and suitability of our emergency shelter responses. We’re a small team of engineers, architects and researchers who can support emergency programmes remotely or through deployments to the field. One half of the team is currently engaged in the ‘Promoting Safer Building’ research project, which aims to achieve safer and more resilient reconstruction of housing following a disaster.

I am a Chartered Structural Engineer and moved to CARE from a career as a structural design engineer in the private sector interspersed with post-disaster humanitarian deployments, mainly with Oxfam. I also lectured at the University of East London and tutored regularly at London Metropolitan University and the University of Nottingham. I am currently a member of the Humanitarian and International Development Panel of the Institution of Structural Engineers and represent CARE on the Strategic Advisory Group of the Global Shelter Cluster based in Geneva.