Andres Gomez de la Torre

Andres Gomez de la Torre

Role: Executive Director

Team: Programmes and Policy team


Andres led CARE International UK's long-term development, humanitarian and policy work from 2017-2018, in partnership with in-country teams and local organisations. As a member of the wider CARE Confederation Organisational Development & Change leadership team, he was also deeply engaged with the confederation’s efforts to become a more inclusive, diverse and equitable actor, aiming for southern voices and members occupying spaces they were traditionally excluded from, and holding greater power in decision-making.

Before his time with CARE, Andres spent more than 15 years working in both development and humanitarian agencies (CAFOD, EveryChild, Womankind and others); in partnership with a range of civil society, private sector, and governmental actors. Prior to this, he worked in academia and the private and public sectors. He holds an MSc in Regulation & Public Policy from the London School of Economics (LSE). You can read more about his career journey in this interview with Bond.

He is interested in working for systems, regulations and behaviors that favor those most in need, contributing to the evolution of international civil society actors, and working towards greater transparency and accountability to the people and partners we work with. Furthermore he is keen to continue supporting southern-led initiatives and sectoral efforts of shifting the power and localisation.

One good thing I've read

One short piece that everyone working in development and humanitarian fields should read at least once (or return to it when needed) is the story of How the monkeys saved the fish.

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