Growing together: Strengthening micro-enterprises in value chains

A guide for companies to strengthen micro-enterprise market systems

This guide is intended for large companies, and their development partners, to enable them to help micro-enterprises in their value chains to thrive, with a view to unlocking greater commercial and social value for all.

The guide aims to:

  • Demonstrate how collaborative action to strengthen micro-enterprises in value chains can achieve improved business performance and positive social impact
  • Share practical examples of how companies are achieving this
  • Inform company strategy, policies and initiatives related to micro-enterprises in their value chains
  • Support advocacy efforts to encourage more collaborative approaches to micro-enterprise development

The guide recognises that “what works” is highly context-specific. It does not attempt to provide a universal blueprint, but rather a way of thinking and an approach that can be applied across contexts. While this document has been developed primarily for large companies, it should also be useful to civil society organisations, donors, and governments seeking to partner with companies on micro-enterprise initiatives.

  • Countries: Global
  • Co-authors: SAB Miller, Business Fights Poverty, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Published: September 2016

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