Supporting consciousness, solidarity, collective action: CARE’s role in social movements

This paper explores CARE’s work with social movements based on examples of CARE programming in different geographic and political contexts. It identifies the challenges and lessons associated with supporting social movements as a large international organisation.

In addition to providing an overview of three case studies, it also proposes an adapted framework for analysis of NGOs’ support of ‘collectivising’ – ranging from support to individuals, to groups, to politicised collectives, to social movements – following the principle of CARE’s commitment not only to gender equality but social justice more broadly, as a core component of overcoming poverty. It reviews lessons about possible future actions for NGOs like CARE in supporting social movements as allies, in all stages of movement evolution or contexts.

  • Countries: Ethiopia, Niger, Latin America
  • Co-authors: Doris Bartel, CARE
  • Published: January 2018

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