The political participation and influence of marginalised women in fragile and conflict affected settings - Global study report

This report offers an overview of existing evidence and lessons from the literature on women’s political participation and influence in fragile and conflict affected settings.

Recent years have seen a growing recognition among the international development community of the importance of supporting women’s political participation and influence in FCAS. A global review of the implementation of UNSCR 1325 (Coomaraswamy, 2015) found that the international community is still failing to effectively support women’s political participation in FCAS. There are a number of reasons for this failure, including lack of capacity and commitment on this issue within international development organisations. However, one major obstacle is limited knowledge and evidence about why women’s political participation matters in these contexts is and how best it can be supported.

This paper seeks to contribute to developing the knowledge base in this area.

  • Countries: Global
  • Co-authors: CARE Netherlands
  • Published: December 2018

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