"Food insecurity is a growing concern throughout the developing world, particularly for poor women and children.

Estimates suggest that in 2010, approximately 925 million individuals were undernourished.1 While there have been some gains in reducing hunger globally, it remains a critical challenge, and it is unlikely that the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) to halve the proportion of people suffering from hunger by 20152 will be met.

A recent study on the future of food and farming identified six key drivers of change affecting the global food system: a growing global population; changing diets, notably an increase in demand for resource-intensive meat products;
food system governance, including globalisation of markets, subsidies and trade restrictions; competition for resources, particularly land, water and energy; consumer values and ethics; and the impacts of climate change.4 The combined effects of these pressures mean that increasing numbers of people will be at risk of hunger in the coming years.

While recognising that all of these drivers represent significant factors in achieving food security for all, this brief is focused on the impacts of climate change on food security in developing countries. Tackling this crisis will require unprecedented efforts on the part of the humanitarian and development community, researchers, governments, private sector and civil society organisations and farmers around the world. This brief outlines CARE’s understanding of the challenge and our response."

Latest Publications

Rethinking Support for Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change: The Role of Development Interventions

  • Co-authors: Simon Levine, Eva Ludi and Lindsey Jones
  • Published: January 2011

Dak Achana: Persuing Food Security with Market Engagement in Kenya

  • Countries: Kenya
  • Co-authors: Jennifer M. K. Jensen
  • Published: December 2010

ADAPT Project: Market engagement case study:

  • Countries: South Africa, Zambia
  • Published: December 2010

India case study

  • Co-authors: CARE Visiting Fellow, Jillian Gladstone and Christian Pennotti, Technical Advisor, Learning and Impact, Economic Development Unit, CARE USA
  • Published: December 2010

From Resolution to Reality

  • Countries: Afghanistan, Nepal, Uganda
  • Published: November 2010