The Adaptation Coalition Toolkit was developed to promote the World Bank’s strategic priority to empower people by creating more inclusive, cohesive, and accountable societies in the face of climate change. The framework for this Toolkit was developed from testing its implementation over a two-year period in 24 Latin American case study communities in five countries. The results from this study are presented in the companion publication Building Community Resilience to Climate Change: Testing the Adaptation Coalition Framework in Latin America produced by the World Bank’s Social Development Unit of the Latin America and Caribbean Region. The methodology has been refined and strengthened through the case study process with this Toolkit as the final product.

Latest Publications

Applying Conflict Sensitivity in Emergency Response

  • Countries: Haiti, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Global
  • Co-authors: ODI, CAFOD, Nona Zicherman
  • Published: October 2011

Puno Impact Assessment

  • Countries: Peru
  • Published: October 2011

Towards Better Governance? A reflection on CARE's governance work in 6 countries

  • Countries: Angola, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Nepal, Peru
  • Co-authors: Peter Clarke
  • Published: August 2011

Cash transfers, gender equity and women's empowerment in Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia

  • Countries: Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru
  • Co-authors: Maxine Molyneux and Marylin Thomson
  • Published: July 2011