The forests of Unguja and Pemba Islands in the Zanzibar archipelago lie less than 40 kilometers from the Tanzanian mainland and form an important part of the East Africa Coastal Forests Eco-region. The area is considered one of the world’s top 200 “hotspots” for biodiversity.

Latest Publications

Working with Business

  • Countries: Ghana
  • Published: September 2009

Voices Against Violence: Rape as a weapon of war

  • Countries: Democratic Republic of Congo, Global
  • Published: July 2009

Climate-related vulnerability and adaptive capacity in Ethiopia's Borana and Somali communities

  • Countries: Ethiopia
  • Co-authors: IUCN, IISD, Save the Children
  • Published: June 2009

Combating Trafficking in Human Beings in North-West Balkans

  • Countries: Bosnia and Herzegowina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro
  • Co-authors: CARE International North West Balkans
  • Published: June 2009

NGOs and Humanitarian Reform: Mapping Study - Afghanistan Report

  • Co-authors: Antonio Donini, Feinstein, Tufts
  • Published: May 2009

Rights in Conflict

  • Countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Nepal, Sierra Leone
  • Co-authors: UK InterAgency Group on Rights; ActionAid
  • Published: March 2009