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High food prices in 2007-2008 threatened the livelihoods and food security of billions of people worldwide for whom getting enough food to eat was already a daily struggle. All over the world, individuals, civil society groups, governments and international organizations took action to cope with the crisis triggered by skyrocketing food prices.

This report investigates whether these responses were appropriate and effective and whether high food prices have brought about any changes in food and agriculture policies. Whereas price volatility remains a threat for the world’s poor, the intention of this report is to draw key lessons from these responses in order to inform future policies and programmes.

Latest Publications

A Place for All: Community Development Forums

  • Countries: Sri Lanka
  • Published: January 2010

CARE Market Engagement Report

  • Countries: Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia
  • Published: January 2010

Living Blue

  • Countries: Bangladesh
  • Published: January 2010

Pastoralists’ vulnerability in the Horn of Africa

  • Co-authors: Sara Pavanello
  • Published: November 2009

Poverty, vulnerability, and HIV and AIDS mainstreaming in Lesotho

  • Co-authors: Joanne Abbot, Mosele Lenka, PJ Lerotholi, Makojang Mahao and Sechaba Mokhamaleli
  • Published: October 2009