CARE has pioneered an approach that meets the need for microfinance at the very bottom rung of the world's economic ladder. CARE Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs) empower women to pool their savings – with no outside capital – and then make loans to each other to start small businesses or pay for important life expenses. Read more about our VSLA approach, along with other best practices at work in Africa, in CARE's most recent report: "Microfinance in Africa: Bringing Financial Services to Africa's Poor."

Latest Publications

Microfinance in Africa: Bringing financial services to Africa's poor - full report

  • Countries: Ethiopia, Ghana, Mozambique, South Africa, Togo
  • Co-authors: Kristin Helmore, Sybil Chidiac, Lauren Hendricks
  • Published: March 2009

Community Markets for Food Security and Alternative Livelihoods: A Case Study

  • Countries: South Africa, Zambia
  • Published: January 2009

Assessing the effectiveness of home based care kits

  • Countries: South Africa, Zambia
  • Published: January 2009

NGOs and Humanitarian Reform: Mapping Study - DRC Report

  • Co-authors: Tasneem Mowjee
  • Published: December 2008

Living on the Edge - Paying the price of inaction

  • Co-authors: Amber Meikle/ Vanessa Rubin / CIUK
  • Published: September 2008

Independent Evaluation of CARE Bangladesh's Cyclone Sidr Response Programme

  • Countries: Bangladesh
  • Co-authors: Ian Tod, S. M. Nurul Alam, Nayeem Wahra, Tanzina Hoque, Rukshana Begum
  • Published: August 2008

CARE International Advocacy Position

  • Countries: Global
  • Published: June 2008