This study, based on experiences and data in three countries (Zimbabwe, Niger and Ethiopia) where CARE has delivered cash transfer programmes, analyses the extent to which receipt of cash contributes to resilience.

Latest Publications

Monitoring and evaluation of cash transfer programmes for resilience

  • Countries: Ethiopia, Niger, Zimbabwe, Global
  • Published: August 2017

CARE and the Latin America Domestic Workers’ Movement

  • Countries: Latin America
  • Co-authors: Sarah Loose and Patricia Vasquez
  • Published: July 2017

Managing cash-based programmes in a volatile markets context

  • Countries: Zimbabwe, Global
  • Published: July 2017

Partnering with Mobile Network Operators in Zimbabwe to deliver humanitarian cash transfers

  • Countries: Zimbabwe, Global
  • Co-authors: World Vision
  • Published: July 2017

Financial services for resilience: how to assess the impacts?

  • Countries: Niger
  • Co-authors: BRACED, ODI
  • Published: June 2017