Miski Abdi

Miski Abdi


Miski Abdi was formerly a Policy and Advocacy intern at CARE International UK. She worked on CARE’s Financial Inclusion and Women’s Economic Empowerment programmes. She previously worked as a fundraising assistant on Liz Kendall’s Labour Leadership Campaign, and as a rapporteur on the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa’s high-profile 9th African Development Forum. She has an MPhil in International Relations from the University of Oxford.

Blog posts

The Mail on Sunday’s recent petition calling on the UK government to renege on its fixed 0.7% foreign aid commitment received a

Why is violence against women so prevalent? What is perpetuating and fuelling this trend of misogyny? Is society to blame? And, most importantly, how can we prevent gender-based violence? Advocacy intern Miski Abdi argues that GBV should have no