European development days 2015: Banking the bottom billions event

by 02nd Jun 2015
European development days 2015: Banking the bottom billions event

Page updated 4 June 2015: read below the live updates from CARE’s European Development Day 2015 event in Brussels.

The event included an overview from facilitator Louise James (Global Programs Director, Accenture Development Partnerships), who introduced new research by CARE and Accenture which uncovers key trends in the role of banks in furthering financial inclusion in developing countries, with a particular emphasis on women living in poverty.

Preview of the event

Financial inclusion experts Gerry Boyle from CARE International UK and Matt Wilson from Barclays will go on to discuss the frontline realities of banking for those living on less than $2 a day and how to address the various barriers which prevent many financial institutions from seriously addressing the bottom of the pyramid as a market segment.

Common work on this could lead to a win-win for everyone and if done responsibly, help to create a lasting, sustainable route out of poverty.

Our expert panellists will cover:

  • Importance of savings to women’s economic empowerment
  • Role of banks in supporting savings plus other financial services in developing countries

This will include an assessment based on new research on the:

  • Size of the commercial opportunity at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’
  • How banks are developing capabilities for financial inclusion
  • What areas banks are not addressing sufficiently

We'll also discuss Barclays’ experience on financial inclusion via the Banking on Change partnership.

Gabin Hamman, Head of Sector Private Sector Development for the European Commission will then talk on the importance of financial inclusion to the EC, the role for donors in supporting market-led financial inclusion and the panel will discuss whether a market-led solution key to inclusion or will the poorest be exploited?

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