Within Reach webinar: How banks in emerging economies can grow profitably by being more inclusive

by 04th Nov 2015
Within Reach webinar: How banks in emerging economies can grow profitably by being more inclusive

Accenture and CARE International will discuss key findings from their report, Within Reach – How banks in emerging economies can grow profitably by being more inclusive, in a webinar on 19 November. This will be a chance for key stakeholders around the globe to learn about the commercial opportunities of responsible, inclusive banking.

The report proposes six key insights into how banks can effectively and responsibly capitalise on the opportunity at the bottom of the pyramid, based on a diagnostic analysis of 30 mainstream banks across 12 developing countries. While the report is targeted primarily towards banking executives, it also outlines key recommendations for a range of other stakeholders including governments, central banks, donors, non-bank businesses, and NGOs.

The webinar is from 9 to 10.30am GMT on Thursday 19 November. It will be hosted by two of the report’s authors:

  • Gerry Boyle, Senior Policy Adviser, CARE
  • Finn Erik Kolnes, Senior Manager, Strategy, Accenture

Read more about the report and its key conclusions.

To attend the webinar, please follow these links:

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Meeting number: 621 018 764

Join by phone:
UK 44-203-478-5288
US/Canada 1-650-429-3300
Access code: 621 018 764
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If you are unable to attend the webinar in real time you can watch an on-demand recording on our Insights development blog.

If you are able to attend and then want to take the discussion further, you can contribute to our post-webinar Twitter Chat at 10am-11.30am Thursday 19 November using the hashtag #WithinReachReport

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how banks can profitably and responsibly bank the unbanked. To register your interest, please send your name and organisation details to Gerry Boyle at CARE International UK on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gerry Boyle

Gerry led CARE International UK’s policy analysis and advocacy around value chains and dignified work. He originally joined CARE as the Senior Policy Adviser on Private Sector Engagement. With the advent of our new Global Programme Strategy which put a particular emphasis on women’s economic empowerment, his focus changed a little.

Gerry co-chaired the Bond Private Sector Working Group. Immediately before he joined CARE he worked for Oxfam as Head of Business Relations for about three years, but the vast majority of his career was spent as a management consultant including being a consulting Partner at Deloitte, where for a time he led Deloitte UK’s Consumer Business consulting practice, serving many major multinationals. Gerry's original degree was in Law from Oxford University, and in 2008 when he left Deloitte he did an MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy at LSE.

One good thing I've read

Amartya Sen’s Development as Freedom. It provides a framework for many people’s modern understanding of what is development, based on a profoundly human-centred approach rather than anything instrumental. And to check whether one personally is doing enough to fight poverty, I recommend Peter Singer’s The life you can save: Acting now to end world poverty – it’s very clear and easy to read but very challenging! Finally, Ha-Joon Chang’s Bad Samaritans: Rich nations, poor policies, and the threat to the developing world is a very readable guide to economic development which argues strongly against many of the prevailing orthodoxies.

Twitter: @gerryboyle10