In order to align with CARE’s vision and mission toward equity, rights and eliminating poverty, CARE recognizes that work to advance gender, equality and diversity seeks to ensure that we need to uphold these principles within the organization in addition to our programs.

This page highlights specific work toward equitable organizations, partnerships and networks with a focus on gender. Highlights include


CARE's commitments for strengthening inclusion of Southern leadership in the federation and policies for protection against sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse.


Guides on assessing and supporting equity and inclusion in organizations through: organizational audits, and creating space for dialogue across diverse staff.


Focal points on gender across CARE, manuals and checklists for organizational assessment and fostering dialogues on equity and inclusion.


Case studies and summary reports on CARE's work to align with the CI Gender Policy, institutional reform and efforts for gender equity and diversity at CARE.

...and additional websites and resources.