This report on the EMPHASIS (Enhancing Mobile Populations’ Access to HIV and AIDS Services, Information and Support) project suggests that reaching cross-border migrants with information in their home countries and at their destinations can lead to safer mobility and positive health outcomes.

Latest Publications

The effects of an HIV and AIDS project on migrants in Nepal, Bangladesh and India: findings from a quasi-experimental study

  • Countries: Bangladesh, India, Nepal
  • Co-authors: ODI, Big Lottery Fund
  • Published: July 2014

Community-Based Adaptation in practice: A global overview of CARE’s practice of Community-Based Adaptation (CBA) to climate change

  • Countries: Bangladesh, Cuba, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Peru, Thailand, Viet Nam, Global
  • Published: June 2014

Strengthening women's voice: Evidence-based advocacy from the grassroots to the global

  • Countries: Burundi, Congo, Rwanda, Uganda
  • Published: June 2014

The Girl Has No Rights: Gender-Based Violence in South Sudan

  • Countries: South Sudan
  • Published: May 2014