This brief summarises research conducted by the Africa Climate Change Resilience Alliance (ACCRA) in three sites in Uganda in 2010-11. Climate Change, Adaptation and Adaptive Capacity – what are they, and why do they matter in Uganda? While Uganda has made significant gains with regards to economic growth and poverty reduction in recent years, development pressures still exist and act as significant barriers to progress.

Uganda’s population growth rate is 3.4%, higher than average for sub-Saharan Africa, and the population is expected to double by 2025, compared to 2002. The backbone of the economy is rain-fed agriculture, with over 80% of the country’s labour force employed in this activity. The country now faces the challenge of responding to a rapidly changing climate, that greatly magnifies existing development pressures. Since most Ugandan communities have a low capacity to adapt to these changes, the challenge is compounded.

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